Towleroad guided us to the above clip of Sean "Diddy" Combs on a trip to the men's room, from what we'll assume is his MTV reality show Making The Band. After our initial fears had subsided that we were about to be granted access to the auditory accompaniments of Diddy's a.m. dump ritual, we watched in amazement as he began to rhapsodize about the many splendors of a good leak before unleashing his stream on an unsuspecting urinal. Based on a decade of rhymed boasts, we'd assumed Diddy pissed gold records, but his lack of the painful grunts that would accompany the passing of large, gilded discs lead us to believe that his urine is not as special as we'd hoped.

UPDATE: Thanks to commentator kid icarus for pointing out that this clip is actually from Diddy's daily video blog on his Bad Boy Records page on YouTube.