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While Jeremy Piven had the liver-pampering foresight to arrange corporate sponsorship of his post-Emmy ceremony alcohol needs, guests at the TV Academy's Governor's Ball seeking to distract themselves from the angel-shaped void in their lives through the magic healing power of free liquor were unpleasantly surprised to discover that getting a good buzz on was going to cost them. Kudos-crashing LAT reporter Richard Rushfield overheard at least one gripe from a displeased attendee:

Sitting down, "Weeds" creator Jenji Kohan has a few words for the management. "A cash bar! The f— cheap a—-s. Eleven dollars a drink! And it was not a generous pour!"

In fairness to the organizers, we're told that wine was served at the tables at no charge. Really, though, a fully stocked open bar is usually required for awards show attendees to get stab-yourself-in-the-face-while-publicly-making-out-with-your-new-Emmy shitfaced.