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A reader lent a hand with our semi-regular feature in which we assist CBS in casting its trademark, sensational ripped-from-the-headlines Movies of the Week by suggesting quirky character actor Tim Blake Nelson for the part of the fugitive polygamist Warren Steed Jeffs, who stands accused of child rape for arranging marriages between men and underage girls and who may have as many of 40 wives of his own, in what we'll give the working title Bigger Love: The Capture Of Warren Steed Jeffs. A gifted actor and near-perfect physical match, Nelson will quickly secure the role by storming into CBS's casting offices and demonstrating how he's already able to make his carotid artery, which figured prominently in Jeffs' arrest, throb on command. And just to get a head start on filling out the cast so the network can rush into production while the story's still hot, we humbly offer up Dakota Fanning to play all of Jeffs' dozens of underage brides, a challenge worthy of her preternatural acting gifts.

[Photo: AP]