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Because we here at Defamer know there's nothing better to perk up the late-afternoon-hostage-crisis blahs than an old-fashioned, scratch n' bite Hollywood catfight—even if it's just between co-Barbie anchors of some TV tabloid—we bring you this Star magazine story of trouble in Access Hollywood paradise, with Nancy O'Dell and Maria Menounos reportedly having come to loathe the site of each other's sick-inducing, telegenic faces:

"It's a real catfight," the source titters. "They refuse to work together and hate being in the same room with each other. Makeup and hair staffers have to schedule the times far apart!"

The feud began when Nancy, 40, griped to the show's brass that "Maria isn't interested in being a journalist. She just wants to be a star," the source says. Nancy further complained that Maria, 28, a former actress, received special treatment, got more air time and was given extra days off to pursue working in films.

Not one to keep quiet, Maria counters that Nancy is simply jealous because Maria's "younger and prettier," the source says. Meow!

Now speculation is rampant on the set that Nancy is secretly pursuing new projects outside of Access Hollywood.

If the story is true—and for patriarchical hegemony's sake, let's just assume it is—then seasoned pro O'Dell's departure would result in the frightening scenario of entertainment news smarmbot Billy Bush being left in charge, at least until he decides to heed Jeremy Piven's advice, and quit the show in pursuit of salvaging his "potential as a human being."