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When YouTube first launched we were like, "This is cool and everything, but how do we know what's worthwhile? We sure wish someone like Carson Daly would come along and just show us the best web videos available."

OMG! Dreams really do come true!

Carson behind The Daily Reel...The site's lofty goal is to be a sort of editor for the seemingly unmanageable amount of video content on the Web.

"The Daily Reel's editorial staff lives and breathes online video," [independent film producer Jamie] Patricof said in announcing the launch. "Our staff spends every day scouring the web for interesting material. Whether it's funny, flashy, newsworthy, or just plain entertaining — if a video is worth watching, it'll end up on The Daily Reel's Top 10 List."

Thank. Fucking. God. When we see a squirrel on water-skis or a baby drinking a beer, we want to know it has Carson "Even Chappelle's Show Could Not Make Him Cool" Daly's iStamp of e-approval.

Carson Daly-Backed Online Video Site Launches [Fishbowl NY]