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From TMZ, today:

TMZ has learned Jessica recently stopped into Linda's lingerie store in Soho, along with an entourage of 2 girlfriends and one beefy bodyguard. After perusing the unmentionables for over 30 minutes, Jessica finally settled on 3 pairs of hot ruffled knickers ... but not just any knickers. The aforementioned underwear were exact replicas of the Spoylt lingerie products worn by Nick Lachey's new lady, Vanessa Minnillo, in her famous Maxim Magazine spread. Hmmm ... does Jessica have something to prove?

From a Stalker tip we received on Tuesday from a PR Assistant for Spoylt who didn't respect us enough to remove the signature file identifying her as a PR assistant for Spoylt:

Jessica Simpson was spotted yesterday at Linda's Lingerie (462 W. Broadway) with her bodyguard and two friends buying three pairs of Spoylt underwear ($85 each).

To be fair, TMZ did break the bit about "over thirty minutes."

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