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• A new movie about Truman Capote, this time with poorer acting but gayer kissing. [Yahoo]
• Christina Milian, strapped for cash, sells clothes on eBay. The public, strapped for interest, shrugs. [TMZ]
• Norwegian police recover Munch's "The Scream." World's coffee mug and mousepad manufacturers breathe sigh of relief. [CNN]
• Before he starred in How to Eat Fried Worms, 12-year-old child actor Austin Rogers starred in Fuck Factory, which, funnily, also had a lot of worm eating in it. (badump-cha!) [dig]
• Some advice for college freshmen. Oops, we forgot you already know everything already. [Play]
• Sports journalist calls speed skater a weirdo. Speed skater's mom calls journalist's mom to make sure she knows what her son did, inadvertently making speed skater look like more of a weirdo. [Deadspin]
• A New York Supreme Court judge has prohibited the sale of the UES property blown up by the late Dr. Nicholas Bartha, thereby keeping Bartha's ex-wife from making the money he blew the house up to keep her from making in the first place. Bartha's ghost would totally love to make some pottery with the judge while listening to "Unchained Melody," if the judge is up for it.[NYP]
• Like that book we found in our mother's side table that made us very uncomfortable for, like, a month, but with a better soundtrack. [hipsterotica]