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New James Bond Daniel Craig has suffered his fair—or unfair—share of critics' taunts, who accuse the actor of being in possession of an insufficient manlihood to adequately fill 007's tuxedo pants. At least the prolific Craig has his former co-stars to vouch for his potency, such as in this anecdote from Toby Jones, who was more than willing to reminisce about his screen kiss with the actor in the Truman Capote biopic, Infamous:

At one point in the film the two kiss in a prison cell and Jones described the experience on Thursday as "slightly abrasive, ultimately rewarding."

"I've never dreamt that I would kiss James Bond, it's not something I have ever aspired to. Now I've done it, I can say that I hope I am the first of many," Jones told reporters.

Jones' hope will undoubtedly come true, though we can't help but suspect that none of the Bond women in Craig's future will every come close to the "slightly abrasive" chemisty between Craig's condemned killer Perry Smith, and Jones' compassioniate, sissy-voiced journalist—so much so, we imagine Craig might sometimes resort to closing his eyes and whispering into the ear of a beautiful, female co-star to, "Tell me about the Black and White Ball once more, Tru..."— a simple actor's trick to help him get in the mood before any steamy, 007 love scene.