· Due to popular demand, we have uploaded for you Jessica Simpson's Today show voice crack, which, when played at high volume on infinite loop, is surprisingly effective at deterring mosquitoes. Happy camping.
· Poor Rachel Dratch has been excised from the 30 Rock cast page, though you can still spy her smiling face on the site's main photo*. Curse you, Krakowski, and your perky boobs.
* A new cast photo has gone up over the weekend, minus Dratch.
· Trucker hats are so over, they're practically in again. (Especially among bisexual Raiders fan, and we think you know who you are.)
· Gawker's correspondent Neel Shah gets pummeled by Sarah Silverman at the VMAs, who mistakes him for a Defamer intern.
· Some confused VMAs paparazzi banter at the end of this clip unwittingly stumbles upon an excellent speech-therapy exercise. "Bran-dan Davis. Bran-dan Davis. Bran-dan Davis." Come on, everybody join in!
· You've seen the Diet Coke and Mentos experiments, but finally, one brave British lass tries swallowing the two herself. You'll just have to watch and see if it has the same "explosive results" as Marcia Cross' Desperate Housewives cunnilingus adventures.