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The basis of Web Worker Daily, GigaOM blog kingpin Om Malik's latest title, is that in an increasingly web-based, wireless world, with bloggers and web workers dispersed in diverse geographic pockets, it's becoming more difficult to mobilize the workforce. The site, which launched on Labor Day (cute timing, Om), is meant as a forum in which "2.0 users" share knowledge of technological systems and workspaces.

Part of Malik's inspiration for the blog comes from Greg Olsen, Co-Founder of Coghead Software whose fondness for expressions like "jumping the shark" and "going bedouin" when referring to start-ups that perish by way of golden temples wears a little thin at times. But we can relate to the pragmatic significance of knowing where to fill up a good cup of joe, as told by Jackson West. The Gawker Media alum and GigaOM contributor is the site's new lead writer.

WWD shows promise — unless Jackson West forces us to point a gun at his head and scream, "Say 'Bedouin' again! I double dare you, motherfucker, say 'Bedouin' one more time!"

Web Worker Daily [Official site]

— Beth Gottfried