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There's something fucktarded in the air! Courtesy of Glamour magazine and DKNY Jeans, it's the Conde Nast chopper, a jet-setting helicopter rented by the companies to make the privileged folks' trek to Fashion Week seem all the more, uh, privileged. In the days leading up to the self-important ecstasy of Bryant Park, passengers have included Mandy Moore, Sheryl Crowe, and new eyeliner advocate Jared Leto. The flight plan is as follows:

...eight-minute shuttle trips every half-hour from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Manhattan's Downtown Heliport near Wall Street.

So all this cash is being shelled out so that luminaries might know the pleasure of a chopper ride from JFK, only to face the pain of heading 50 or 60 blocks uptown? You'd think Si Newhouse would save that sort of pointless cruelty just for his employees.

But seriously: no yacht?

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