More ethnic purity news: Germany does have a little history in the far-right racist department, but modern Aryanists still have to tread lightly in media. Hence their soft sell of Objektiv, a student-focused magazine in Cologne created by the "Citizen Initiative for Cologne" that packaged suggestions for outdoor fun along with warnings about "sexual steam" created by the local Turkish population. Advertisers claim they were duped into supporting Objektiv and dropped it like a hot Hitler potato, but the mag's secret shame was revealed by German blog Spreeblick, which pointed out that the blonde, coyly Teutonic fraulein on Objektiv's "German Is Hot!" ad is actually a Czech porn model. And they even ganked her image from "her" site without paying. You'd think German racists would be the last ones to both advocate miscegenation and seem a little "careful with money."

Far-Right Poster Girl Turns Out to Be Czech Erotic Model [Spiegel via Boing Boing]