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If there is a Desperate Housewives fanatic in your life, may we suggest gifting them with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine and mingle with the show's cast at the home of series creator, Marc Cherry, as part of a GLAAD fundraising event:

GLAAD is honored to collaborate with Desperate Housewives Creator and Executive Producer Marc Cherry to support GLAAD's new Youth Empowerment Media Program. Marc will host a fundraising event at his beautiful home in Toluca Lake, Calif. The evening will feature special entertainment, a full top-shelf bar, buffet dinner and champagne dessert. With the cast of Desperate Housewives slated to attend — as well as some special appearances by celebrity guests and the series' supporting actors— this promises to be an exciting and meaningful evening!

Ah, to be a fruit fly on the wall of Cherry's Toluca Lake manse that evening, where fortunate attendees can rub against the muscular shoulders of Hollywood's PowerGays&trade, ask Teri Hatcher if she's going to finish that last third of her eclaire, or simply wonder out loud why Eva Longoria never bothered to show up. Best of all is the knowledge that your contribution—earmarked for GLAAD's Youth Empowerment Media Program—will help reverse low self-esteem among gay youth, nicely setting the stage for them to spend the rest of their lives making up for it by becoming Hollywood's next generation of abusive and power-hungry tastemaking elite.