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To celebrate Katie Couric's first night on the job at the CBS Evening News, her new bosses arranged for her to present a sneak preview of the long-awaited, heavily guarded first photographs of suspiciously unseen celebrity infant Suri Cruise. The internets, of course, were already hard at work reproducing the images, which won't be officially available until Vanity Fair hits the streets tomorrow, posting stills and video of the pictures shown on the Couric broadcast minutes ahead of CBS's sanctioned stories.

We're sure that high-quality scans of the photos will be widely available tomorrow, but based on the glimpses afforded by CBS, we have to say that we're more than a little disappointed. After months of preparation for the shoot meant to finally provide indisputable evidence of the child's existence, you'd think that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would have been able to finally settle on a single loaner "Suri" for the spread, instead of Katie stubbornly insisting that her favorite Asian infant rental be photographed along with the more believeable Caucausian one, an unfortunate decision that will surely touch off months of a two-baby conspiracy theory.

[Photos: Vanity Fair/CBS News]