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Calling all Upper East Side mommies! Your beautifully Botoxed face is not all for naught:

We are developing a new docu-drama program for a major network about Manhattan's most glamorous parents and the issues they face living in the "Capital of the World". The program will be about successful New Yorkers, how they live and how they got there. We aim to show their lifestyles to the rest of the US who have no idea how they live.

I am writing to you today because we are looking for affluent parents who live and work in the City. I know you have tons of readers and was wondering if you might know some good candidates? Or whether you may even be able to post something on the site?

Specifically we are looking for families with upper six-figure incomes, have strong personalities, and have children.We will follow the lives of a handful of families for a period of a few months, at certain junctures in their lives. This will be their real life and portrayed as such.

Interested people can contact us at the Supernanny hotline: 1-877- NANNY TIME or email us at, referencing manhattan moms.

Christ. Is Adam Moss an executive producer?