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• There's a definitive turning point in the life cycle of any given celebrity, that moment when his or her star has officially fallen from its peak and begins its ugly, if not slow, descent towards irrelevance. That moment unequivocally is the commando crotch shot, and today it belongs to a disturbingly hairless Lindsay Lohan, who's never been so glad those damn baby pictures popped up when they did. [WWTDD]
• Meanwhile, the cost of access to that bald firecrotch is having Lohan as a very bitchy girlfriend. [Page Six]
• And finally, Lohan's incarcerated father asks fellow inmates to please stop rubbing 'em out to pictures of his little girl. [Lowdown (2nd item)]
• K-Fed admits that life with his wife, Britney Spears, is really difficult. Especially when he has to sleep with her. [TMZ]
• Karl Rove loved his big, gay stepdad. [R&M]
• Breaking: Rich people loan other rich people their stuff, free of charge. Related: Rich people like the Hamptons. (That one's breaking, too.) [Page Six]