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We're the only ones obsessed with tech gossip, right? Not a chance. The New York Times can't help but slip some goss into a thorough article about Tom Perkins's angry 2004 resignation from the board of Hewlett-Packard:

Mr. Perkins, who was briefly married to the best-selling author Danielle Steel and recently wrote a racy novel titled "Sex and the Single Zillionaire," did not respond to requests for comment. A representative said Mr. Perkins was in the Mediterranean on his new $100 million 287-foot yacht, the Maltese Falcon, and did not want to be disturbed.

The paragraph isn't anything like the business-minded analysis around it, but who cares, the Times has to put its gossip somewhere.

The story ends with:

The search warrant affidavit [against HP], on file in Marin County in California, where Mr. Perkins lives in an expansive hilltop home with ocean views, also reveals that the attorney general and AT&T are considering civil lawsuits as well.

How are Perkins' ocean views relevant here? Did some hapless editor randomly insert pieces of the Lifestyle section? WE ARE SO CONFUSED.

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