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Today's LAT is all too eager to push Tom Freston into a new gig, polling a number of friends, associates, and analysts about recently pinkslipped Viacom CEO's next career move and the prospects for making his "second act" more glorious that the one upon which Sumner Redstone so unexpectedly dropped the curtain this weekend. The legendarily laid-back Freston, however, isn't going to going to cave to pressure, strap on the first Armani straightjacket he's offered, and hop right back on the 20-hour-a-day treadmill. Instead, he's going to take some time off to find himself:

"I've got to take a beat and figure out life after the 20-hour workday," said Freston, who will probably leave the company with a severance package worth $60 million. "You're like an addict to this fast-paced life and you don't know it." [...]

"I intend to take a prolonged trip to Asia and get back to my roots, to clear my head," he said. "I've only had two weeks off in a row once in the last 25 years. That life is over for now."

The globetrotting Freston surely knows that there is perhaps no better place for evaluating one's options than at a Bangkok sex show, where one can be lulled into an almost meditative state of contemplation by the combination of some really kick-ass hash and the gentle thoook! click click of ping pong balls as they're fired from a performer's vagina and land on the hard surface of the stage. It's in unexpectedly tranquil moments like these that all crucial life decision are successfully made.