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Do you hear that? It's the sound of uncontrollable cackling, and it's coming from the office of every magazine editor in town. The rampant joy comes courtesy of Britflack Rob Shuter, famous for helping Paris Hilton negotiate the murky waters of getting her ass sued by Zeta Graff, who has been dumped by his prized client Jessica Simpson.

Last week, both People and Us Weekly ran cover stories trumpeting the "romance" between Jessica and sorority lothario John Mayer; People even provided the truth-affirming "I'm in love!" quote. Mayer was displeased to see what was probably just a sloppy blowjob turned into a self-promoting mini-frenzy for Simpson; poor Jessica was left alone, without the help of a mouthpiece, to publicly dispute the romance on The View. A celebrity speaking for herself? That, friends, cannot stand — and so Rob Shuter is without a big chunk of bread money. (For extra measure, Joe Simpson snatched Ashlee away from Shuter as well, but that's probably more of a relief.)

And now, for the happiest ending: Without Shuter planting anti-Minnillo propaganda about town, Nick Lachey is finally free to love again.

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