• A must-read on Workspace Design for computer programmers. [Joel on Software]
  • All the talk of a democracy/meritocracy balance on Digg, including this high school test essay masquerading as a TechCrunch post, is a load of overblown media hype. Just letting you know. [TechCrunch]
  • CNET, the business blog that brought you the infamous HP business-secrets story that launched a legal investigation, gets us caught up on the ensuing chaos with a nifty timeline. Fold-out optional. [CNET]
  • When feisty AOL exec Jason Calacanis tells Dave Winer and Tim O'Reilly to make love, not war, the show is over. [Jason Calacanis]
  • Old AOL Cancel Script: Six whole steps buys you an extended psychological attack. New guidelines: you will be accompanied by a ROFLMAO along the way to a BFF 4EVR. [Consumerist]

— Beth Gottfried