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In what will probably prove to be the only truly interesting thing that will emerge from the Toronto Film Festival, Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in character to the midnight premiere of Borat: Cultural Learnings from America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan last night on a rickety cart pulled by a quartet of the finest peasant women that Canadian background casting agencies have to offer, much to the delight of the assembled throng of fans. Their excitement was short lived, however, as a projector malfunction so severe that not even on-call technician Michael Moore could restore it to operability ended the screening about forty minutes in. Cohen, Moore, and producer Larry Charles did their best to appease the crowd with an impromptu Q & A, but once it became apparent that no amount of stalling would provide sufficient time to repair the projector, the film's star offered each member of the rowdy audience "five minutes for sex-making with my nice cart-pull prostitutes," a promise that resulted in a hefty hike in his already put-upon peasant day-players' rates and ruined the surprise he'd been saving for Borat's U.S. premiere.

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