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Folks new to the bubble scene may know John Battelle only as the man running the Federated Media blog ad network. Those with another year's experience will remember his book about Google, The Search. But the writer of the anti-Battelle blog Battelle Watch remembers the Internet maven's 90s career as founder of the Industry Standard, a New and Bold News Site about the New and Bold Economy (both of which disappeared when the Old and Not-Dead-Yet Economy rumbled back in 2001).

That's why this writer's been obsessively blogging Battelle's new career since May, in no uncertain terms. No, he or she uses very certain terms, like "glorified trade publication," "septic tank," and "$20,000 rooftop parties."


As with all anonymous hate blogs, take this with a lump of salt, and don't go quoting it at cocktail parties, just at dive bars.

Battelle Watch [Official anonyblog; photo by John C. Dvorak]