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  • An unscrupulous LiveJournaler posted a fake Craigslist sex ad and published nearly 200 responses, including that of Microsoft employee Jerry Cummings (Warning: Dongs), pictured here. While this was a real asshat stunt to pull, that won't stop us from tittering at Jerry for sending dick pics using his work address. []
  • The LA Times can't figure out who's behind the amateur-but-not-amateur videos by YouTube star lonelygirl15, and they're too pussy to admit that all the evidence points to a progressive media company represented by the Creative Artists Agency. It's obviously not a real teen running a one-woman show; the cuts are too crisp, the monologues too scripted, the source too untrackable. [L.A. Times and apophenia]
  • Hewlett-Packard didn't just spy on its board members. The company sniffed out the personal phone records of journalists including writers at CNET and the Wall Street Journal, and New York Times writer John Markoff. The firm that did this told HP its investigation was legal. How scary is it if they're right? [NY Times]