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We should have known that Facebook was going to suffer for its facelift. The news feed/mini-feed nonsense did feel stalker-ish in a Charlie Manson sorta way, but we're certain no one expected the heightened caliber of backlash Mark Zuckerberg, FaceBook's founder, was hit with this week.

Zuckerberg wrote an "Open Letter" post today, just three days after he advised us all to "Calm Down. Breathe." In the post, which appeared on every Facebook user's blog, he apologizes profusely to his constituents and thanks those who protested because they allowed him to create a better, higher quality product all the while engaging in some socially conscionable blah blah blah. We feel bad for the guy. His sappy, whiny open letter felt a little too Mel-Gibson-post-drunken-anti-semitic-rant. Be a man, Zuckerberg. Let the users cry, and stop crying back.

An Open Letter from Mark Zuckerberg [Facebook; photo from Rolling Stone]