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When we referred to the new season of reality show Survivor (where contestants are separated by race) as Survivor: Race War, we shortly thereafter had to parenthetically note that this was just our jokey name for the fiasco; it's actually Survivor: Cook Islands, if you must be technical. And we were hardly the first to make that joke. Still, when our left-coast sib Defamer linked yet another interview with show host Jeff Probst, we were struck by more than just Probst's amazing (and perhaps affected) ignorance of Asian national diversity. Washington Post columnist Lisa de Moraes refers to the title of the show as Survivor: Race Wars, with nary a sarcastic wink. How long before CBS just gives in and goes for the maximum race-baiting viewer share by retitling the show as the viewing public obviously demands? If Probst didn't know about the difference between Koreans and Chinese, surely he'd realize that nobody else knows or cares where the Cook Islands are?

New 'Survivor' Format Teaches Jeff Probst That Asians Can Come From Different Countries [Defamer]