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So, unless you lack caller ID or you are a candidate's family member, you're probably unaware that tomorrow is primary day here in New York. Ben Smith of the News takes note of a mail-out from Noach Dear, the former City Councilman so beloved by his colleagues. In an attempt to make sure that black folks in his district don't remember who he is when they vote for State Senate, Dear's promotional material changes his name to the slightly-less-Jewish sounding "Noah."

In another attempt at subterfuge, Dear "suggests, falsely, that he's been endorsed by Hillary and Bill Clinton. "Vote the Clinton/Dear Ticket," the mailing instructs, beneath a huge picture of the candidate with the Clintons. On the back, it quotes what appears to be personal praise for Dear from the Clintons. On closer inspection, however, the quotes seem to be taken from White House form letters."

We're tempted to judge him a little less harshly on this one: After all, we got calls from both Hillary Clinton and Mario Cuomo yesterday. If you think we're not gonna brag about that, you're crazy.

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