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Per little Jossie: Maxim senior editor and Black Table founding co-editor (you decide which is more important) Eric Gillin has handed in his resignation. Also leaving is ME Laura Silverman, who's not returning to New York after going abroad to launch Maxim India and finding inner peace while downward dogging in a Rishikesh ashram. The resignations follow the August "bloodbath," wherein editor Jimmy Jellinek bravely sacrificed several editoral lambs so that the magazine could do something "huge and historic."

As for Gillin, he'll be heading over to to be their new online editor, where he'll be part of Hearst's $90 million effort to strengthen their digital division. Gillin's the first non-Hearsty they've brought in for a major role (no pressure, dude), and he'll be specifically looking to beef Esquire's original online content. Ah, yes, content — it's so hot these days.

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