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· Shortly after these photos of Tom Cruise were taken at tonight's Redskins game, their new, high-priced, culturally insensitive mascot stripped off his dour suit, donned a loincloth and headdress, and delighted the crowd with his ritualistic "scalping" of fans in the front rows of the stadium.
· This is why we love YouTube: Just hours after ABC aired the Path to 9/11, some people with a video camera posted a parody about further liberties the network has taken with historical events.
· Sadly, the Hilton-initiated celebutard pandemic is spreading unchecked across the globe, and soon no well-off, vacuous blonde will be safe from its debilitating effects.
· New York has unleashed our beloved Fug girls on Fashion Week. We fear that the models will soon develop back-up eating disorders to deal with the newly inflicted psychic damage.
· Jalopnik has the first few pages of The Transformers script. Nerds, prepare for Decepticon teaser chubbage.