Fashion Week is more than just an opportunity for designers to show their works with overblown, overpriced shows and overstuffed parties; it's also a chance for journalists to show off their linguistic talents, waxing poetic on hemlines and using language such as "socialite-a-polooza." Amidst the Pulitzer-worthy coverage, we've found one particularly compelling gem, courtesy of Nicole Phelps' review of the Lela Rose show, published on

But there was an oddly charming white gown with ruffles down the back that looked like what you'd get if an angel and a stegosaurus got together to make babies.

We know what you're thinking: Um, what the fuck, Conde? But just focus for a moment, and you know exactly what she's talking about:

Fashion Week: Where Purple Prose Goes to Die a Fabulous Death


Truly, a stunning collection.

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