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In today's Observer, there's some thrilling news for all those Lizzie Grubman fans out there: the very pregnant PR diva's father, entertainment lawyer Alan Grubman, has bought daddy's little girl a one-bedroom apartment in the Savoy, on East 61st and 3rd Avenue. Of course, Lizzie already has two units in the building, one below and one next to the new apartment:

How will Ms. Grubman fill all that space? Fortunately, she and her husband are with child.

When [the unit's seller] Ms. Iseson was asked if she knew why the inimitable Allen Grubman had bought her apartment, she said: "His daughter Lizzie, who lives next door, is breaking through."

So many birth jokes, so little stomach for them.

Anyhow: Iseson, a real-estate agent herself, says the deal went rather smoothly, since the buyer's agent approached her directly — she wasn't selling to begin with. But that's not going to stop a Grubman from backing up into those walls and running over that unit.

Lizzie Grubman's Big 'Break Through' [NYO (2nd item)]