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Pop quiz: What does a once-popular startup, top-heavy with philosophy and lacking direction, do when the one guy who started the whole thing quits?

Bart Decrem, founder of Web browser startup Flock, has stepped down as CEO and is looking to build another company, PE Week has learned.

Decrem says his departure isn't tied to anything wrong with the company.

Bull. Founding CEOs do not step down and "look to build another company." Decrem knows his social browser failed to catch on, thanks to an already-crowded browser market that left no search deals (like Mozilla's lucrative Google deal) and no consumer demand. Meanwhile, it took $3.2 million from venture capitalists and angel investors.

Look for Flock to end up on the Web 2.0 junk heap in a few months. Hey, maybe it'll sell on eBay.

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