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The shadowy circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son grow ever more sinister, as the Bahamian coronor, an obvious cliffhanger buff, has told the AP that she now knows who and/or what led to the massive heart attack that killed him, but isn't yet at liberty to say:

"We do know the cause of death," [Her Majesty's Coroner Linda P.] Virgill said. "But we need to confirm it with a toxicology report."

She declined to disclose details but said there was no sign of physical injury [...]

Deepening the mystery, Virgill said there was at least one other person in the room when Smith died. She refused to elaborate.

"I can confirm that there was definitely a third person in the room at the time of death and I do know who that person is," she said. "But I am unwilling to reveal that information at this time for various reasons."

Hopefully this maddeningly coy announcement has everything to do with maintaining proper legal procedure, and isn't part of the coroner's larger strategy of drumming up a bidding war for what will inevitably become CBS's TV movie based on her version of events, with an astonishingly effective Tara Reid turning in the performance of her career as the grieving pin-up mom seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle of Mount Gay.