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Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron hasn't given up the fight with recently fired-or-quit news anchor Amanda Congdon over the 49% stake she claims to still hold in the popular video blog (earlier coverage here). In fact, a week ago (I know, we are so late to this), Drew said he's taking her to court. In his blog, Drew says:

Her offensive and horrible treatment that is apparent in her emails to me and b-roll footage (and of course all of her public slandering) is all going to court now because thats what she wants.

No, that's what everyone else wants. What it does to both of you is make you a spectacle, and that's much more fun than watching your show.

So what's in the B-roll footage? Amanda cussing out Drew from the news desk like Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman? What do you think happens in the footage that'll make the best court evidence ever?

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