Are you at the exciting Future of Web Apps Summit? Oh, you have work to do instead? Well the founder of community site Metafilter is there, and he's heckling over IM:

Matt Haughey: hey are you at the future of web apps thing?
Valleywag: nope
Wag: i could drop by
Matt: I can't believe you didn't come here to heckle [TechCrunch blogger and startup slut Michael] arrington's talk
Wag: ugh
Matt: I know, it's shooting fish in a barrel
Matt: you should let me do OMG LIVE BLOGGING!!!1!!!

So I did. The poorly formatted results are below. OMG REFRSH 4 UPDTATESS

Matt: be sure and drink every time you hear "zoomr is going to kill flickr"
Matt: and "[Mike's startup] edgio is the greatest"
Matt: he's going to announce a new techfoo blog at the end
Matt: he loves digg
Matt: he also loves facebook, youtube, photobucket, zoho, stumbleupon, popsugar, plentyoffish, and netvibes
Wag: slut
Matt: these are compnies to watch and should get bought
Matt: his talk is like "here's what worked and here's what might work next"
Matt: so he's in the review phase
Wag: how does he define "work"
Wag: does plentyoffish really work?
Wag: i don't even know what popsugar is
Matt: he's a rich lawyer
Matt: money is all that matters


Matt: he said it's a celeb gossip blog
Matt: started a year ago
Matt: 5 people
Matt: 13 million pages a month
Matt: he says it'll be the techcrunch of gossip blogs I guess
Wag: um
Wag: techcrunch says it [TechCrunch] gets a million pages a month
Wag: i don't see stats here but did he really say popsugar gets 13M a month?
Matt: awesome
Matt: the What were they thinking? slide
Wag: pics or it's not real
Matt:, gather, pubsub, browzar, jigsaw, and squidoo
Matt: squidoo is so fucking lame
Matt: he just said it
Wag: i liked pubsub, what happened to them?
Wag: man give up on jigsaw nobody cares
Matt: I think the board imploded at pubsub
Matt: the two founders got in a fight
Wag: is he going over each one?
Matt: yeah
Wag: not that i should talk, but when pubsub happened was arrington even around?
Matt: browzar is malware
Matt: squidoo!
Matt: I wonder if I can stream audio to you
Wag: please don't
Matt: heh


Wag: anything new?
Matt: he has tips on how to win
Matt: don't take funding, make sure you get along iwth founders, etc
Wag: how much funding did edgeio take
Wag: you know why techcrunch didn't take funding
Matt: I dunno
Wag: they got turned down
Wag: by venture capitalists