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Before all the inevitably ugly details surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel — who was found dead in Anna Nicole's hospital room on Sunday morning, just three days after she gave birth to her new daughter — emerge with the autopsy and toxicology reports, why not cash in? Getty Images has sent an email to celebrity weekly editors saying they have 17 pictures of Anna Nicole, Daniel and the new baby, taken in the hospital the day before Daniel died. Preview images show Anna Nicole and Daniel in the hospital bed, with Daniel smiling and holding the baby; Daniel standing up, cradling the baby; and Anna Nicole holding the baby while her lawyer and BFF, Howard K. Stern, leans in with them.

How much might one pay for these tender, macabre moments? Getty is asking for $200K, but the email has a disclaimer of "NO NEGATIVE PRESS." For that, you've got to drop an extra hundred grand.

Update: We're hearing that Life & Style In Touch won a bidding war, shelling out $375K for the pics. Who knew the mag even had that kind of money?