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  • MTV, in an effort to prove that the level of discourse in a virtual world can indeed get stupider than World of Warcrafters asking "how i mine for fish," will launch "Virtual Laguna Beach" for boob-tubers who can't be sexy and carefree beach-goers in the real world. [NY Times]
  • It was wrong to doubt that Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz (pictured), proud owner of a house "on the edge of the Mission district" and wearer of a "look how different I am" ponytail, was anything but a hipster. He tells the Associated Press that he asks colleagues if they've read his blog. Yep, just like every trustafarian in San Francisco. [Washington Post]
  • Telecom Italia buys the German division of AOL for $855 million. The company thought it was bidding on a rare AOL 1.0 floppy disk. [NY Times]
  • "What does it say about the boom in social networking Web sites that the latest one to attract outside investors is devoted not to singles or indie bands but to dogs?" It says Dogster's users don't realize the point of getting a dog — to meet people in the park, dammit, not on Internet message boards. [NY Times]