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Disgraced Internet cowboy Lee Siegel, philosophizes on the motives of anonymous internet critics: "At least for those who practice incessant character assassination, which represents a good portion of the blogosphere, they vent out of the pain of being unacknowledged." It's a pain Siegel should know well, having himself toiled in the fields of obscurity. But it's a learning process: "Obscurity is the new poverty. People don't seem able to bear being unknown. But obscurity and struggle are the artists' Harvard and Yale."

And appearing in a full-length Q&A in the Times magazine? Presumably the artist's Brown, i.e., not as difficult to get in to, and, if you've any sense of self-awareness, something you feel fairly embarrassed about afterward.

Bye-Bye Blogger [NYT]

We can report with confidence that this photo is in fact Bad Lee Siegel.