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San Francisco Chronicle writer Jessica Guynn wins today's Spider Jerusalem Award for Best Blurb in Tech Writing for the power and clarity of her article, "Silicon Valley loses its sheen."

In this piece about Silicon Valley's Guynn pulls telling quotes from high-level sources. A former SEC chairman, for example, tells her, "People are spending more time with lawyers than they would like to." She adds her own quips, like "White-collar investigations just don't go over well in a place where so few people wear collars." But the soul of this article is in its metaphors. Guynn compares the Valley to hamsters running in NASCAR, a foreigner getting a green card, and an overloaded buffet plate. One source tells her:

Silicon Valley had an incredible honeymoon. It enjoyed virginal capitalism and a period of exemption unlike any industry I have ever seen. But most industries have to face allegations of rapaciousness at one point or another.

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