We're nothing if not cynics about "new hot fields." Why do we trust former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel when he invests in biotech out of a hope to indefinitely extend the human lifespan? Because his recipient, Methuselah Foundation head Aubrey de Grey, is hairy.

Valley trick #1: Always trust the bearded crackpot

If you don't have time to properly evaluate an investment opportunity, just use the Hair Rule: any investment in a member of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists is a guaranteed success.


Think about it. These people are followers of Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Sir Isaac Newton, they're part of a healthy interdisciplinary network, and they know how to think long-term.

Entrepreneur backs research on anti-aging [SF Chronicle]
Photo of Aubrey de Grey by Jacob Botter, CC license [Flickr]