Even though it rarely has much in the way of bothersome words, we regularly return to the Confessions of a Casting Director blog just for the endless procession of candid model photos, all with the same neutral, medicated expression. Many of these snapshots would not look out of place accompanying a ransom note and a small, severed body part. One wrapup gallery of favorites from Fashion Week is particularly striking; COCAD dubs them the MySpace model generation, since they are "a bit wiser, a bit cooler and a bit real. They are a bit shorter, a bit smaller and a bit skinnier. They know the fashion, they know the magazines and they know the internet." Thank God someone is coming to the defense of even skinnier models here in the USA, unlike the porkers taking over in Spain and Australia. Ah, but they also know the Internet. Just look into the eyes of "Darla." She's wise. She's seen things, man. She's only "a bit" real, though. And unfortunately, as a MySpace model, she's the property of Rupert Murdoch.

Myspace Model Generation [COACD]