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We've made no secret of our fascination with Bravo executive Andy Cohen's blog: Unlike his stuffy-shirted peers, with their dreary preoccupations with developing programming and ratings, Cohen is always at the ready with a starfuckery anecdote and a smile. Today, Andy reviews a Super Important People's screening of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette:

The film was beautiful, kind of fun, and I loved the music and the fla-vah, but there was not a lot of actual script to the film...And was Louie a poofter or whaaayt?

On the way to dinner, I made the (big) mistake of asking a very famous, smart, and powerful media mogul "what happened to Marie Antoinette?" It just came out, but while I was saying it I felt like I was jumping off a bridge. [...]

He told me...about the GUILLOTINE and recommended the definitive Marie Antoinette biography...When someone gives ME a good hint, I throw one right back, and I thus told him that he MUST check out "Survivor: Race Wars" for some real good sociology in motion.

I ran into "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi and her husband Salman Rushdie at the [screening] dinner. Rushdie continued filling in Marie's many blanks for me. He told me that apparently Antoinette's beheading was no easy affair. It took three tries because the cut to her neck wasn't clean through or didn't take or something. Oh, Marie! She was feisty!

The next time Cohen swung into the Bravo offices for the requisite couple hours of weekly busy-looking time, we imagine he regaled co-workers and AIM buddies with his newly acquired historical insights, telling them all about Marie's ill-fated date with her dull-bladed executioner after refusing to grant husband King Louis VIII a divorce.