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An item yesterday gave an account of how fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution, unhappy with a Sydney Morning Herald gossip item about two of her clients, banned SMH journalist and blogger Patty Huntington from all of her clients' shows. Cutrone posted fliers (right) instructing staff to keep Huntington out of the Jeremy Scott show; she then called Huntington and told the writer that she would make it her mission to interfere with "the rest of [Huntington's] journalistic career," and, for extra measure, Cutrone would sue, as her father is a high-powered lawyer. Masterful PR work, that.

Huntington wrote about the incident, we linked, and today Cutrone writes Gawker:

It is a really sad day when designers from the land down under are trying to emerge on the international fashion arena and are so poorly represented by members of their own media.

People's Revolution is filing a law suit against Ms. Huntington for her disparaging and false remarks.

People's Revolution will continue to support Australian members of the media like Sharon Krum of the Australian and fantastic world-renowned brands like Tsubi.

Kelly Cutrone

So when Cutrone's dad files those legal papers, will the defendant be named as "Cuntington?" Because name-calling always leads to a quick settlement.

UPDATE: Cutrone sends word that her father isn't anywhere near to being a lawyer, contrary to what Huntington wrote. Hence the lawsuit. But still, "Cuntington?" Brilliant.

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