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Well into the second trimester after things got underway, Conde Nast launches the web version of Cookie, its magazine devoted to the care, feeding, and fashion of human larvae. Web editor and good soldier Peter Feld has midwifed a cobbling-together of repurposed magazine content with a couple blogs — one about maternal issues, another chronicling the precious antics of a three-year-old. Forged via the increasingly efficient assembly line at CondeNet, the Cookie site promises more of the same, plus the eventual pro-forma addition of Flash, podcasting, video, and lactation porn. One can dream. The mommy blog spits up a few amusing newsbits regarding comedic child endangerment, with only a little shuddering; the toddler blog is just as good as you'd expect. Beyond that, the CondeNet formula appears to be nicely nailed down, with the magazine staff actually determining what goes online from each issue, and the web staff dutifully carrying water as ordered. Not quite as specious as the old-world subscription-hawking mag sites, but barely.