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To answer a couple of questions we're being frequently asked today: 1) Yes, we're aware of Defaker, NBC's brave foray into interwebinated promo-virality, which apparently attempts to plug Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip by adopting the guise of a grammatically challenged gossip blogger who writes about the show's characters from the ultra-insidery perspective of someone with a television capable of receiving a network broadcast; and 2) No, we don't have anything to do with it, even though the site bears what is certainly an incidental resemblance to this one in name, design, and lack of facility with the English language. (If you don't believe us, take a closer look—there's not a single nipple slip or Lohan joke, and they've only put up one post in 24 hours, a crime which our blogging overlord would punish by sending a goon to shock our genitals with an electric cattle prod.) In any case, we wish the folks at NBC the best of luck with their continuing online marketing endeavors on behalf of Studio 60, which we're told include a series of cutting-edge YouTube videos starring a Lonelygirl look-a-like who struggles to find a way to tell Aaron Sorkin that she's only interested in him as a friend.