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Some sad news to report: the Associated Press has put on its Jenny 8 Lee costume and is now writing for Sunday Styles. Or some similarly morbid situation is going on amongst the venerable newsgatherers, resulting in this altogether absurd trend piece on guy getaways, now dubbed "mancations." (Over/under on the word "mancation" appearing on the Today Show: 2 weeks.) Apparently, men like to get together with their old frat buddies and have fancy, manly vacations without their wives around, and hotels are now offering packages catering to these brave explorers of testosterone.

But...mancation? While we appreciate the AP researching its choice of nickname with (yes, they actually cite the website —plus a Vince Vaughn movie! — as a source), there just seems like so many better possibilities for labeling this nontrend trend: gaycation, boyage, journhe, holigay, tomcruise...

Getaways With the Guys, or Mancations, Are Hot [CNN]