New York Post prints new YouTube self-valuation and old just-got-laid founder photo

The New York Post's tech writer (last seen stalking a Google founder's girlfriend) has Hard! Hitting! News! about YouTube:

INTERNET upstart YouTube, the bane-du-jour of copyright holders everywhere, won't sell itself for anything less than $1.5 billion, The Post has learned.

That's not even an offer, that's the kind of figure you throw out to stop anyone bothering to buy you. Founder Chad Hurley's been saying for months that he's not selling YouTube.

Now the potential buyers play a game of "oh-yeah-well-we-don't-care." A "senior industry source" told the Post, "If they were willing to take $200 million to $300 million, I would buy it tomorrow." Oh man, YouTube got served.


Grr, now I gotta add both to the YouTube valuation voodoo graph.


YouTube's got a fat idea of itself [NY Post]