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A reader from San Francisco sends in a report from a screening of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, wherein hundreds of area MySpace groupies were given the thrill of a lifetime when their dog-shooting hero showed up to lead them in a round of anti-Semitic drinking songs. But in a snafu remniscent of the recent disaster at the movie's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, a glitch brought the side-splitting festivites to an abrupt halt:

I went to the San Francisco screening of the Borat movie last night, and Sacha Baron Cohen showed up in character. The audience mobbed him, and I was concerned for his safety. Led the crowd in a rousing chorus of "Throw the Jew Down the Well," lots of fun. But... the film melted halfway through the movie! I thought this was strange because I remembered that there had been problems at the Toronto Film Festival, where he had also made an appearance. At first I thought it was just going to be an excuse for him to come back out and call us all prostitutes again. But, no, they fixed it pretty quickly. No Borat re-appearance. Could it be a Jewish conspiracy? hmmm. The movie was incredibly hilarious. My throat still hurts from laughing so much. (not from sexy times)

Should our local MySpace screening suffer from its own freak, technical difficulties, it will only serve to confirm our longheld suspicions that miniature Jew-gremlins not only exist, but are wily and small enough to be capable of crawling into projectors and wreak untold havoc on unwitting connoisseurs of Kazakh documentary cinema.