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Overheard by a reader: Outside the unfinished 170 Off Third luxury condos across from AT&T Park and next to Current TV, where construction crews have menaced the sidewalks on both sides of the block for months and traffic is now backed up for blocks.

Webster #1: Oh great, they're blocking the whole street this time.
Webster #2: Hey, it's better than when they put heavy machinery in the very fucking walkway they told us to use. Or when they swung beams and blocks over the pedestrians in the walkway they built. Or when the truck driver almost smacked me in the face opening his door into said walkway. Or when the guy dropped a hammer through the roof and almost hit that chick.
#1: Our VP of Community got splashed with wet concrete.
#2: Why am I not surprised. These guys wouldn't know safety if it fell on their heads.