New Yorkers aren't particularly fond of the endless swarms of Ford Crown Victorias that make up our taxi fleets, and sure, we'd maybe like to suck down a little less exhaust when pedestrianizing. But why did the life-affirming new hybrid taxi have to get stuck inside the grim visage of a Chrysler PT Cruiser? Could anything look more blocky and unappealing than these retro-necrophiliac chariots? Well, actually, yes. The above proposed "Standard Taxi" is just as thrilling as its breathlessly exciting name suggests. Sure, it seats four passengers and can split open to engorge/disgorge a wheelchair, but it looks like a Humvee made of Play-Doh. You won't have much luck enticing those honeys from Lotus into this contraption at 4 a.m.

Big Yellow EV: NYC Begins Testing Lithium-Ion Taxi [Jalopnik]