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On Fox News yesterday, media whoring Men's Health EIC Dave Zinczenko appeared to promote his new book; LA sex writer Anna David was patched in, for female counterpoint purposes, via satellite. This was interesting because, alas, David has had the misfortune of Zinczenko's mouth on her lady parts. As Radar explains, in April 2003, David and New York "sex" columnist Amy Sohn traded coasts for a Playboy article. David spent a few days dating/humping men in New York, and Sohn did the same in LA:

Anna's first encounter was a figure named Magazine Guy, the "dark-haired and tall and appropriately chiseled" editor of an unnamed men's title.

Despite finding him "cheesy and too into himself" on first inspection, the writer soon succumbed to Magazine Guy's pickup moves, which included massaging her back in a taxi, showing off a gift from designer Tom Ford, and telling her about a story he was editing on cunnilingus: "He says he would tell me what the article espouses but it's actually something far easier to show than it is to tell." And to think she had him pegged as cheesy.

Nevertheless, David eventually let Magazine Guy demonstrate his methods, which she conceded were decent but "not earth-shattering." After the article came out, David confirmed to the Daily News that Magazine Guy was actually Zinczenko, who didn't call her after the munch session.

So how was the reunion on Fox News? Somewhat awkward. The issue was never addressed, but Zinc might've been licking his lips a little.

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